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    Our Theme Song    

We are Mooroopna

Cheer boys, Cheer, 

We are Mooroopna.

It's only now we're coming into fame.

For we won the match today.

And we'll win the next we play.

If they only play a fair and honest game.

Tell the world, tell the world,

We'll be there.

For we've got no showmen,

We've got no slow men,

We've got no slow men anywhere.

We play it fair, on the square.

Every man does his own little share.

We'll be Premiers. 

We'll be Premiers.


When the whips are cracking we'll be there. 

Origin of a song...

""Cheer boys, cheer!" is an adaption of one of the most famous war-time songs ever composed. 

"Over There!" was written by George M. Cohan to promote the United States war effort during World War One.

It was launched by the greatest singer of all time Enrico Caruso and can still be found at most classical record shops." Carey, 2002.

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