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Tackle Your Feelings

MFNC CARES: Tackle Your Feelings Winter may be an especially challenging time for individuals. The days are shorter, we tend to be inside more, its cold and illnesses like the flu are doing the rounds (including Covid which is still about!) Being proactive around your mental health individuals can... ... be active ... get enough sleep and rest ... eat well ... connect with others, your land, culture and spirituality ... take time out to do the things you enjoy ... get involved ... manage your sense of security ... reach out for support when you need it We can support our team mates and club members by keeping an eye out for anyone who might need a chat, a lift, a hand or even a smile. Check in with your team mates, individuals around the club on a regular basis. If anyone would appreciate a chat (or you come across someone who might) speak to a coach, official or committee member. We are Mooroopna! Mooroopna Cares! Go Cats!

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